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Idea for bike circuit - circuit of 42 km on country streets, mostly quiet - from Altensteig to barrage Nagold through many beautiful villages.




In this tour we go from the architectural town Altensteig to bathing Eldorado, surfing and sailing of Nagold barrage. From here you go up and then, through small idyllic villages, back in the Nagold valley. As it is typical for Black Forest, villages are among the so-called islands of deforestation.

It is also appropriate for bicycle racing. From the starting point Altensteig we take it to the West. At the fork on the locality exit we take it firstly on the right and on the next fork, we stay on the left in the valley of Nagold. As a target we follow the signs "Bad Wildbad" and then "Seewald", resp. "Erzgrube".

After a while, the route climbs to the barrage of Nagold. In addition to it we reach to Erzgrube. On exit, we go to right, to Göttelfingen. The road climbs into large coils and through Schernbach we reach the Göttelfingen, then Allmandle. Here, at the entrance to the locality, we should pay attention to the plate antique signs. Then again through the forest, we reach to Eisenbach. After that, we take the right direction to "Altensteig". On narrow roads we go through a typical forest of the region, thick and with old and tall trees. On the next fork we take to the left to "Fünfbronn". Then, through a deep valley, to Simmersfeld.

It is characterized by its great evangelical church and tree of May, with beautifully carved figures - a rarity in this region. On the lawn in front of the church it is an ancient stone cross. Such crosses might be placed as penance for a crime by the killer or his relatives. Most of them are henceforth destroyed seldom it could see one. By Ettmannsweiler and Übersberg we run down again to Altensteig.

Features: Altensteig is one of the most beautiful cities in the northern Black Forest, a true view illustrated. The one who put his bike away and wanders through the streets - unfortunately steep – he is going to find some romances. At times, the small locality situated on a slope was called "Stäffelesstadt" by which house once thee were went even stairs. The old castle above the old town comes from the early XIII century and it is surrounded by a defensive wall with towers "Heaven and Hell".

In 1604, the Duke of Württemberg took from the Marquis of Baden the dominion over Altensteig. New owners have built the New castle with its residential tower of 5 floors. After proper restoration of the entire building, here it housed the "Museum of the old castle"

Barrage of Nagold was built between 1965-70. The main barrage has a length of 2 km., and the lake with a depth up to 30 m contains approx. 4.5 million cubic meters of water and has a water surface of 376,000 m2. Barrage height is of 32 meters Here you can plan the trip with bicycles.

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