Our campsite is right next to the hiking routes through the beautiful Black Forest.
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Altensteig hiking suggestion

Wanderwege um Altensteig



250 km of routs through the forest
Length: approx. 16 km. Duration: approx. 4 hours Difference level: approx. 200 m.

Housing options: Altensteig, Egenhauser Kapf (if open)

We start from Altensteig and leave town on the road to Egenhausen. Immediately after the last houses we follow blue / yellow marking to the left. For a while, we take a long walk on B 28. When we see a car park on the left, enter the path that goes right. This leads us to a path through the forest that we follow to the right. For a while, we go along the Baum brook, until at the fork of a bridge (behind which is a turn platform) we take it to the left. Forest road quickly turns into a trail that climbs zigzag and finally came out of the forest. A little to the right we get on the paved road climb between fields and courts until the next little forest. After the first hedge we turn to the right. From the road we have a large and beautiful view to the dark peaks of Black Forest and on the left there is a plain with juniper bushes. Soon we reach the edge road of the field. We ignore the first fork to the left, but on the second climb to the top Egenhauser Kapf.
Wanderwege um Altensteig

Here, in the natural reservation, we find semi-dry grass and juniper plains and, of course, typical hedges of the area not for nothing called "by brambles". And, in the proper season, orchids. On the paved road we turn to the right, to the transmitting antenna, behind which a sign points us to the right on a field path that leads us to the coast for a resting place with seating and made fire, also with a splendid view over Egenhausen to the Black Forest. Behind it again we soon get on the road. This leads us to the first houses of Egenhausen. After the crossing and the old iron fountain on the right, the indicator shows the direction to Pfalzgrafenweiler. Immediately after it we turn the left to the road - if we get it and get down to the road, we must go back a little on it. On the other side of the road, a country wide road leads us further, as indicated, to "Waldecke" (upper forest), then in the forest and after a few minutes from the elderly home, on the road. After that we go always forward (near the parking lot, to the forest, again a resting place with fire place).

After Bömbach Lake the road goes right, to the chalet - with room for ironing water - take it to the right and within few minutes we reach on B 28, on whose right part keep going. After the playground we follow the pointer to the left, to the mill on the Zins River. The forest road takes it to the left and get down on the valley. But even before the valley it crosses with the path to the east, marked with black / red. We go on this, to the right. Always following this marking and walking easy up and down, we get back in the Zins Valley, to Altensteig.

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